Beginning with the 2017-2018 school year, all students in grades K4 - 8th grade will be able to choose one of three academic tracks of study to follow during their time at ECA Prep.

Stem Program

Students will:

  • Engage in hands-on learning through exploration, discovery, and problem solving.

  • Understand the connections between scientific inquiry and engineering design and their ability to read, write and apply math and science skills.

Experiences will include:

  • NASA Goddard Space Center (3rd & 4th only)

  • Watkins Nature Center

  • Irvine Nature Center

  • Howard B. Owens Science Center

  • Senior Year Trip to Kennedy Space Center

Performance Arts

Students will:

  • Develop an appreciation of a variety of art forms and expressions; including but not limited to dance, drama production, and recitals

  • Select from a variety of musical instruments for instruction and training performance

Experiences will include:

  • Participation in Arts Productions & recitals

  • John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts

  • Other local theatre venues

  • Senior Year Trip to New York City

Spanish Immersion

Students will:

  • Participate in partial immersion in which 50% of classroom instruction is provided in the Spanish

  • Reading is taught in both the first and second language

  • Become global and multicultural learners as they are exposed to cultures other than their own

Experiences will include:

  • Cultural Day experiences

  • Visit to Embassies in Washington, DC

  • Senior Year Trip Abroad!